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WOMEN ON CLOUDS is the perfect place for women who wish to travel solo or with their mothers, sisters, girlfriends &/or in the company of other women rather than travelling alone. You do not need to depend on other’s availability to travel.

WoC is a perfect partner for women who are looking to travel in a safe and open environment - yet having oodles of FUN!!!

You could be single or married with a husband who is either too busy or not into travel; you could be a homemaker who wants to experience independence and wants to prove to herself that she can do it; or perhaps you are a working professional or an entrepreneur who needs to get away - too much stress, too many pressures at work or at home. Or sometimes, there is an unexplained need to turn your back on life and recharge and rejuvenate. Or, you are a woman who just simply loves the thrill of traveling & exploring new destinations.

If so, you have landed on the right Cloud…

Rediscover your inner-self on our excursions & trips. Be adventurous, explore new places, relive your childhood, make new friends, wonderful memories and lifelong bonds!!!

Looking for the "ME" Time? You are in the right place!!!!


About the Founder

Hi there !!!

I’m Shireen . I was born and brought up in Iran and so , yes, I’m quite fluent in Persian as well. After schooling , I realized I was neither the book worm nor did I have the genes to be a doctor ( my parents dream) !! So I went and took a completely new subject – Economics in St Bedes College , Shimla where to my own surprise- I did quite well at !!!!

I’m a dreamer and a full time optimist. Some would also call me a rebel and a feminist. Proud to have those labels ! Always believed that women are capable of greatness. We just need to believe that in ourselves. I also always believed that women don’t give importance to self as much. They need more “ ME” time, more space , more nurturing and an environment were they can be themselves – even if it’s for a short time ! This is where the dream of Women On Clouds started.

I’m a traveller by heart and by chance. In fact, instead of me following it, travel always followed me. After graduation and some fun years as an air hostess, I started Women On Clouds which is a women travel ,meetup and events club.

Join us - if looking to travel in an informal environment where you will feel comfortable immediately. Join us if you feel you deserve some pampering , join us if you want to rediscover your soul.