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Safety of our travellers is our top most priority. Our suppliers, hotels , transport , destinations, itineraries  are chosen keeping your safety in mind.

Don't spare a thought about your safety and security - from the moment you meet us, you are in capable, expert hands.


Each of our trips comes equipped with a Chief Experience Officer (CEO) responsible for enriching your journey, helping you bond with the group, making your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Don't pay more….HURRAY!!!

We believe that travelling solo shouldn't be more expensive. We treat solo women travellers to the same benefits as the rest of the group, which is why we don't charge single supplements. We'll partner you up with another female room partner to ensure you pay the same as everyone else.

Mix it up LADIES!!!

Regardless of your age or how much ink you've booked in your passport, you will be made to feel as young as ever. Age is no bar! We strongly believe that it’s just a number!! In fact, we strongly recommend the women to be on first name basis with each person on the trip- regardless of age!!


Naturally, our trips attract women from all over the world who are looking to travel with like-minded women and experience an unforgettable holiday. Like you, they're seeking out new experiences and lifelong connections with other people and places. Whether it’s a short weekend getaway, or sailing on the Bosphorus River or enjoying a glass of wine in France, you'll enjoy it more in the company of a small group of like-minded travellers. We personalize the experience by keep our groups sized small so that you feel you are travelling with lifelong friends

YAY!!! Freedom !!!!

Your trip is just that - yours. Want to linger at the market or grab a table at that cozy cafe? Consider it done. We give you ample free time to explore the places on your own, but you decide what you want to do with it.