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How did you get the idea to start Women On Clouds ?

A question that has been asked many times!!! So let me answer it here! It may not be an extremely interesting story but it is a part of my life story.

Have you ever reached crossroads in your life where things haven’t gone as planned and you feel somewhat lost? It could have something to do with your personal life or your health or even your professional life. A moment in life when you know you have to deep dive and cannot take a moment to wonder if your will drown or swim. Cause if you stop and wonder, you may never take the leap…

Well, I was standing at such a precipice and totally confused.  I wanted to bring about change in my career or let’s say more accurately that I wanted some financial independence.
Well, in 2008, I travelled with my girlfriends and their girlfriends to Uttarakhand for a camping trip. My brother was into corporate travel so it was easy for me to organize the trip. That was the best trip we all had; it was all about fun, laughter and so much joy. It was then the idea of a women travel network germinated in my mind.

I am a woman who loves my space, individuality and independence. So after this trip, I toyed with the thought that there must be a lot of women, like me, who want to travel, explore places, have fun , reconnect with themselves but are restricted due to factors like,: safe travel in India, family and friends are busy, approval from family etc. The homemakers are always waiting for their families to plan time for a holiday. And the number of working women had increased tremendously over the last few years. Financial independence, coupled with the belief of giving importance to self-had given rise to this growing trend of  women wanting  the ‘ ME” time.

Therefore, what better way than to provide a platform of travel and meetups where they can have safe and fun travel without worrying about which family member or friend is free to travel .I further believed that a platform like this would bring likeminded women together to network, share thoughts and views and even make new friends. Don’t we all, after a certain age, stop getting too many opportunities to make new friends. Hence, with these thoughts in mind, Women On Clouds was formed.

The idea is that women rediscover themselves, rejuvenate and just have fun. With Women On Clouds, they get to be the pampered one and have fun for THEMSELVES as well.

So that’s my small story ladies!. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed being on this WOC journey. It has been fulfilling, satisfying and amazing.

It’s wonderful to bring smiles and confidence to so many women who have travelled with us!!

From Shireen Mehra

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