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Why travel in women trips

REASON 10: I need pampering !! I’ve had a career break; I’m suddenly single; my children  are all grown up; I need a break from routine ; I need to just escape for a while to reboot.

Reason 9:  I wish to gain confidence and independence to do things on my own. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

Reason 8: I want to make long lasting friends and I love being with free spirited women. Wish to be one!!!!

REASON 7: My husband/parents feel safe if I’m travelling with an all girl’s group!!

REASON 6:  I love hanging out with just women once in a while. It’s so much more fun when there are no men around to nag!!( We say this with love for the men in our livesJ)

REASON 5:   I always wanted to go for a holiday with my mom or sisters .What a perfect opportunity for female bonding.

REASON 4: I love to travel. And I’m excited about travelling independently without having to depend on family or friends.

REASON 3: It’s safer traveling in all women groups. It’s also very comfortable. We can be us again.. laugh, cry, sing, gossip –just be GIRLS.

REASON 2:  I love traveling but I don’t as I’m not sure of traveling alone. Family & friends are not too fond of traveling or are simply busy.

REASON 1: It’s so much fun and exciting to do something special for yourself. Haven’t done it in a while. I never realized realize how much fun  I could have …and could be!!!!

What ever may be your reason….its good enough!!!!!!!!

And if you don’t have one….that’s ok…!!!! You don’t need a reason…. JUST GO…!!!!!